Solar AC 1 Ton Price in Pakistan 2023: August Prices

Solar AC 1 Ton Price is about just 135,000 to 145,00 rupees in Pakistan in 2023. The prices of solar panels in Pakistan are very high because the Pakistani currency is very low against the dollar rate so that’s why prices are very high in Pakistan. We bought everything from other countries in dollars so when the dollar rate will be high then the prices of these things will be high obviously. There are also many reasons for high pricing in Pakistan sometimes the Pakistani government ban import from other countries like China, the USA, UK then our suppliers have very limited stock to sell THEN THEY SELL THEIR DEVICES at their own rates in Pakistan.

But there is a piece of good news for solar ac installers in Pakistan that prices of solar panels are very low nowadays in Pakistan so we immediately buy the best solar panels or Tier 1 solar panels from the market of Pakistan. Per watt, the price is ranging from just 85 to 90 rupees which is very low in Pakistan. But it was very high during the start of this year 2023 and at that time it was above then 130 rupees per watt in 2023. In this article, we will explore everything about solar ac prices, the factors that affect its prices, and much more.

An Overview Solar AC 1 Ton Price

Advantages of 1 Ton Solar AC in Pakistan

There are many Advantages of 1 Ton Solar AC in Pakistan in 2023 and here we will discuss some of them as given below

  • Energy Efficiency: Solar ACs have high energy efficiency ratings, leading to lower electricity consumption and reduced utility bills.
  • Cost Savings: By harnessing solar energy, users can save significantly on electricity costs over time.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Solar ACs reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making them environmentally friendly.
  • Grid Independence: Solar ACs operate independently of the grid, ensuring cooling during power outages.
  • Low Maintenance: These ACs have fewer moving parts, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements.

Considerations before Buying

Here we will give you some Considerations before Buying in Pakistan and after following them you will be able to get the good option for you

  • Sunlight Availability: Sufficient sunlight exposure is essential for optimal performance.
  • Room Size and Insulation: The AC’s cooling capacity should match the room size and insulation levels.
  • Initial Investment: While solar ACs provide long-term savings, the initial cost may be higher than conventional ACs.

Factors Affecting the Price in Pakistan 2023

There are many Factors that Affect the Price in Pakistan 2023 and here we will give you some best as given below

  • Brand and Model: Well-established brands with advanced features may cost more than lesser-known brands.
  • Installation Charges: Installation costs, including PV panels and wiring, can impact the overall price.
  • Government Policies: Subsidies and tax incentives can influence the final cost.
  • Market Demand: High demand can lead to price fluctuations.

Price Range and Variations in Pakistan

As of 2023, the price range of a 1 Ton solar AC in Pakistan starts from PKR 135000 to PKR 145,000. The variation in prices is attributed to the factors mentioned earlier. While some budget-friendly options are available, premium models with cutting-edge technology may command higher prices.

Cost Savings and Return on Investment (ROI)

Long-Term Savings Analysis

Investing in a 1 Ton solar AC can lead to substantial cost savings over its lifetime. Users can observe a significant reduction in electricity bills, especially during peak cooling months. By leveraging solar energy, households, and businesses can mitigate the impact of rising energy prices.

Calculating ROI for Solar AC 1 Ton

To calculate the Return on Investment for a solar AC, consider the upfront cost, annual savings on electricity bills, and the system’s lifespan. Generally, solar ACs offer a favorable ROI within a few years of installation.

Environmental Impact

Reducing Carbon Footprint

By adopting solar AC technology, Pakistan can significantly reduce its carbon footprint. Traditional air conditioners heavily rely on fossil fuels, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Solar ACs, on the other hand, are powered by clean energy, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Contributions to Sustainable Development

Wide-scale adoption of solar ACs in Pakistan aligns with global sustainability goals. Utilizing renewable energy sources promotes sustainable development and creates a greener future for generations to come.

Government Incentives and Subsidies

Support for Solar Energy Projects

The Pakistani government has been encouraging solar energy projects by providing various incentives and subsidies.

Rebates and Financial Assistance

To make solar ACs more accessible to the masses, the government may offer rebates and financial assistance, reducing the burden of the initial investment.

Best Brands and Models in Pakistan

There are a few Best Brands and Models in Pakistan in 2023 and here we will give you some ones as given below

Top Manufacturers of Solar ACs

Several reputable brands offer 1 Ton solar ACs in Pakistan, including Gree, Haier, and Dawlance. These companies have a track record of producing efficient and reliable cooling solutions.

Some of the popular 1 Ton solar AC models in Pakistan include Gree GS-12LM4, Haier HSU-12HFAA, and Dawlance LVS-15.

Installation and Maintenance

There are some best Installation and Maintenance tips for solar ac installers in pakistan and here you will get some best ones as

Professional Installation Tips

Proper installation is crucial for the optimal performance of solar ACs. Seeking professional installation services ensures the system operates efficiently and remains durable.

Regular Maintenance for Optimal Performance

Routine maintenance is essential to keep the solar AC in top condition. Regular cleaning of PV panels and inspections can maximize their lifespan and energy efficiency.


Solar AC 1 Ton Price is about just 135,000 to 145,00 rupees in Pakistan in 2023. The prices of solar panels in Pakistan are very high because the Pakistani currency is very low against the dollar rate so that’s why prices are very high in Pakistan.

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