As we know Palestinians are in very poor condition in this situation,Nobody or Not any Country is Helping them in this situation,we should donate a minimum affort to those muslims whose are stuck in this a huge War.Our 1$ maybe a Millions or Billions for Them,So every one should a donate meal which gives them a huge benefit ,

Benefits of Donating

1:We can Pardon our Sins by Donating them,because our life is full filled by our sins ,So, this is very big chance to pardon our sins from Allah

So, I apeal to every one who is reading this Article ,he/she should donate as he affort by his heart for palestinians

An appeal is made to all Muslims to donate for the Palestinians, donate as much as possible, all Muslims should donate to help them during this difficult time.

Methods of Donating

Account Name is






Bank Account

Faysal Bank Limited

IBAN: PK87FAYS3707301000002264

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